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We believe God will meet all our needs… We may not have everything right now, but we believe God will send the people - and He will inspire His body will passion and calling to carrying out His will. If you see an area of the church that is missing or lacking, ask the Holy Spirit if you should fill it. If not, continue to pray that God will bring the right person to meet that need! We’re a family, and we choose not to focus on what is lacking, but to come together to pray for the people and the resources to do what God has called us to - and to do what we can in the meantime to carry out His vision for us.


God has called us to those who have been hurt in the church. We want to create a safe, accepting, and loving environment for God’s children where they can be nurtured back to wholeness and healing, and can hear and feel the Father’s love through everything we do. That’s why we choose to do everything we can to make visitors feel welcomed, acknowledged, noticed, accepted, and loved. This is the driving force behind having greeters, visitor tables and gifts, coffee - each and every one is to make God's children feel safe and at HOME.


Every position of the church is powerful, important, and can be executed through leading of the Spirit. In everything we do, we ask the Spirit to lead us so we can minister to His sons and daughters. We ask Him to give us words of knowledge as we welcome our visitors. We ask Him to give us wisdom as to how to delight and rejoice over His children the way He does (Zephaniah 3:17). There is no separation between the natural and supernatural - between menial tasks and kingdom tasks. As we set out coffee, as we greet, as we lead worship, we are offering a sacrifice to the Lord and choosing to do everything we can to love His sons and daughters.


So come, Join the Family! We believe in carrying out the vision God has given us TOGETHER as a FAMILY. We believe that the church is a body, and God has designed each part of the church to carrying out His heart for the people we’ll reach. He can’t accomplish His vision using only me, or only you - He needs ALL of us. So what has God called you to do?  


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